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1 - RED-LAR will send to the student, questions (specific or based in problems), which will be analyzed and answered by the student.
2 - The responsible tutor will approve the student who get final media mark equal or superior to 6 (six) in the evaluations, this way, the student will be enabled to perform the practical part.
3 - Once completed the practical, the Tutor Centre will notice the RED Executive Direction whether the student is or not apt to perform the final test,  in the same place and time of the main RED Meetings. 



 The certificate will be provided only in the case the student has taken part in all stages of the course and has got the result (marks) for approval (equal or superior to 6) in the theoretical-practical evaluations and in the final test.
Clinical Embryology Course: once the student has performed the 05 modules, he/she can make the final exam and receive the Certificate, if approved. In the case of performing only one module (but not the course, totally),  RED will provide him/her a document of participation of the module(s) performed.


Clinical Course: Basic and Clinical Fundamentals of the Ovulatory Process”: USD 400 (resident physicians: US$ 200 – document is required).

Clinical Embryology Course: Module I (Basic and Clinical Aspects for the Embryologist): USD 1.000, Module II (Laboratorial Fundamentals of the Fertilization Process and Embryo Culture):  USD 1,000 (Theoretical) + USD 200 (Lab practice) ; Module III (Micro-manipulation of gametes and embryos):  US 1,000 (Theoretical) + USD 200 (Lab practice) ; Module IV (Gamete and Embryo Cryopreservation):  USD 800 (Theoretical) + USD 200 (Lab practice); Module V (Genetics and Bio-ethics for the clinical embryologist):  USD 600.

Final Exam Fee (both courses): USD 150.

Only for RED associates: each centre can register 01 professional, for free, per year. In the case of the embryology course: members of associated centres pay only the practical in the tutor's laboratory (modules 2, 3 and 4). Individual associates has a 25% discount in both courses.

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In this section you´ll find information about the accredited and affiliated centres that belong to the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction.